Big John Bates - Noirchestra

.No chance to stop Big John Bates!
If you never had the chance to see this band on stage, you probably have heard about their amazing live performance.

Their new album "Skinners Cage" will be out on 12.April 2019 on ROOKIE RECORDS. An album full of surprises....


– they throw “Post- Rock'n'roll and Symphonic Punk into Americana Noir” to end up with the unique style of the “Big John Bates Noirchestra”.

They are a group that has succeeded in finding exciting ways to AVOID the mainstream of - what we call - rock'n'roll. Yep, that’s also proven on their 6th album release
“From the Bestiary to the Leathering Room” – partly recorded on a boat in Falls Creek / Vancouver : Dramatic performance from a band in league with Nick Cave, Gogol Bordello and Decemberists. Their “rustic tapestry of bowed bass, guitar, cello, and thumping percussion” is fronted by Big John’s leathered growl and Brandy Bones’. The album is frought with themes of hope, death, poor decisions and faded dreams on white vinyl with the intoxicating art of Santiago Caruso"

They've played more than 1400 live shows around the globe, released six albums, various singles, appeared in TV shows, movies, etc, etc...
Vocalist and legendary Gretsch guitar-slinger
JOHN BATES (Yes, it's true: John Bates was starting as singer of trash metal legends ANIHILATOR ) shares songwriting and singing with upright bass player / vocalist BRANDY BONES, who is infamous for gymnastic-style stunts with her huge Höfner bass.
Both John and Brandy are pushed to the edge by
Ty Ty the Saviour, who definitely knows how to treat the drums, as well as a huge timpani.
And last but not least thee wonderful
RequEMILY with her amazing violin that provides much more sounds than you can be aware of.

Please read the full pressInfo/biography in our "Download" section!

Still hot: CD/LP "Battered Bones"
.Battered Bones" came out of the aptly named Absinthe Studios at the hands of Denver producer Robert Ferbrache (16 Horsepower, Woven Hand, Slim Cessna): smoothing Bates’ raw appeal into and Brandy’s Big Sky horizons into a gothic western. The rustic punk style on "Battered Bones" brings to mind a hard drive over dirt roads in a flat black ’69 Charger. In other words western style and raw power that shakes the roots out of the woodwork.

Starting as Annihilator's singer Bates & his razor-sharp Gretsch have chiseled out a career with a caravan of misfits, playing hundreds of shows every year across North America & Europe. He’s been featured on Battlestar Galactica, on A&E Discovery, played for thousands at European festivals, had songs in countless movies and TV shows. After a quick 7” release Bates spent the past two years holed up and writing with Hofner Strings' Brandy Bones before they hit the road in 2012 with Indiana friends Murder by Death. That tour saw Bones reviewed at CMW 2012 as "she
shines in all her sultry, gothic temptress glory. She is the true master of her massive bass, using it as not only a tool to make music but as an instrument of seduction."

Yes and they like it still hot on stage - to get up close & personal - not just playing from the heart but tearing it out by the roots. So, you can expect a SHOW - not a standing-still event

Big John Bates has one hell of a band. Their blend of Alternative Punk/Country/Rock is one of the most refreshing things that I've heard in 5 years. I would honored to put my 30 year reputation on the line for their music."
- Bill Arnovich (Adele Media)

"Big John Bates is an irresistible hipster draw" - The Telegraph (Illinois)

"Big John Bates is one Of Vancouver's most notorious musicians" - The Globe & Mail (Toronto)

"A high-octane musical experience" - Orange County Examiner (Los Angeles)

Big John Bates are not only a band; they are an infectious lifestyle choice that needs to be absorbed by all of humankind."
- Twin Cities (Minneapolis 2010)

And this was happen end of 2010 - right before they finally quit the Burlesque in 2011:
Yes, that's right ! Time for a change, time for the Grindshow !

Big John Bates' 2010 release "Bad Pussy / Scarecrow Close" (7" Rookie Records) has exposed the bands move into a rustic hybrid of roots & rock.
Now 2011 brings their Grindshow to life: b-movie queens led by Calamity Kate - switchblades & grinders battling tassels on fire! 2011 will also see their 5th album "Battered Bones", the second for drummer J.T. Brander and the first featuring lead vocals by both BJB and upright bassist Brandy Anderson. New Year's Eve 2011 will mark 10 years of BJB - the Evel Knievel of Rock'n'Roll - still madly jumping canyons with rockets ablaze!


Don't be fooled by Brandy Battery's upright bass or Big John's hollowbody guitar, this ain't no mere rxckxbilly band. "With one foot in Memphis and the other on 42nd Street", BJB have punked out the Hotrod Blues and wrapped it up in a cabaret from Hell, a live spectacle featuring the one-and-only Voodoo Dollz Burlesque!
But keep in mind: Even everyone says "they brought Burlesque on european stages", meanwhile the whole thing transmuted to a bombastic Neo-Burlesque show.

Auch nach über 800 Shows in Canada, USA und Europa räumen BIG JOHN BATES & The Voodoo Dollz ("the Girls of Burlesque") aus
Vancouver/Canada weiterhin gewaltig ab und hinterlassen nach jeder Show staunende Fans...